1. Preamble
    1. Maranatha Christian Community church (MCCC), its leaders and all who are involved in the activities of MCCC must always seek to uphold Christian values and conduct in line with the Bible always acting properly in the light of contemporary society and its needs.
    2. The day-to-day operations of the MCCC will comply with all governing laws and regulations by writing policies and procedures to ensure legal compliance.  Annual audits will be performed to ensure consistency in practice and compliance with the regulations.
    3. This Code does not presume to provide the answers to all the ethical questions facing the church. What it establishes is a set of general ethical standards for our lives and ministry. These standards will help to delineate boundaries by which ethical questions can be evaluated.
    4. This Code will also aid in the training and education of new church leaders and demand accountability from A church leader who may fail to live within standards of the Code and as mandated by the Bible.
    5. This Code addresses issues of church life. It is an outline for Holy living according to Scripture. Responsibility to the adherence of this Code rests with the A church leader themselves. It is anticipated that the disregard of this Code anyone in the church will be dealt with by the appropriately appointed churches. Remedial action may take various forms from counseling to removal from ministry as mandated by the Bible.
    6. The conduct of a church leader, both public and private, has the potential to inspire and motivate people, or scandalize and tear down their faith. Leaders must at all times be aware of the responsibility to conduct their work and lives in accordance with the Bible.

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