Please note Maranatha Church policies and procedures are based on these definitions;

What is Policy?
A ‘Policy’ is a predetermined course of action, which is established to provide a guide toward
accepted business strategies and objectives.

In other words, it is a direct link between an organization’s ‘Vision’ and its day-to-day operations. Policies identify the key activities and provide a general strategy to decision-makers on how to handle issues as they arise.

This is accomplished by providing the reader with limits and a choice of alternatives that can be used to ‘guide’ their decision-making process as they attempt to overcome problems. 

What is a Procedure?
The ultimate goal of every ‘Procedure’ is to provide the reader with a clear and easily understood plan of action required to carry out or implement a policy. A well-written procedure will also help eliminate common misunderstandings by identifying job responsibilities and establishing

We have the following policies and procedures in place

  1. Child Protection Policy
  2. Data Protection Policy
  3. Employment Policy
  4. Administrative policies
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