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Power of Prayer

We all know the power in prayer.

Why not get started right now by spending 4 minutes in prayer for what or who you are now thinking about.

All intercession is prayer, but not all prayer is intercession. Prayer is talking with God. Intercession is petitioning God for the needs of another. As we study The Bible, we see examples of men and women who interceded for whole cities and nations, and because of their prayers history was changed. As Christians have observed the passionate, persistent, and often desperate prayers required to bring about change –  both in Scripture and in their own lives – the word inte4cession has come to be associated with such characteristics as boldness, fervency, and persistence. Some churches call their intercessors ‘Prayer Warriors’, and perhaps this is more appropriate for us in Maranatha at this time.

Biblical intercession (Prayer Warriors) has 2 purposes:

1.Petitioning God for divine intervention

2.Prevailing before God to deliver humanity from sin and destruction (Pandemics)

This involves:-

  • Reminding God of His Promises (Isaiah 62:6-7)
  • Taking up a case before God on behalf of others (Isaiah 59:15-16)
  • Building up a hedge of protection and keeping the enemy out (Luke 22:31-32, John 17:15)
  • Crying out for mercy, averting God’s judgment (Ezekiel 22:30-31)

Most Christians incorporate some level of intercession into their personal prayer lives, but a small percentage feel called to spend considerably more time praying for others and with unusual fervency and with persistence. How do we recognize this in our church? (Maranatha)

(My) Personal burden:-

  • Often God will place a particular person on your heart to pray for on a regular basis. – Personal or ‘one to one’ prayer life
  • They just begin to ‘cry every time they go to Prayer’ – ‘Mercy Prayer Warriors’ just feel the heart of God for a person or situation, don’t try to shut them down or silence them. (even Jesus wept over Jerusalem and its fallen condition)
  • There are those who just love to Pray in a CRISIS – they are the ones who Pray at 3am. (when the rest are sleeping)
  • The people who ‘must have a LIST’ and of course the list is endless – They can pray over the entire church and every detail
  • Those who have Faith to pray for ‘the finances of the church’ PRAISE GOD; – and of course for others in financial need
  • There are those who we could call ‘Global Warriors’ –  pray for nations, missionaries, continents etc. (cover the globe)
  • Worship warriors – they sing as they pray and often use words that God has just quickened to them at that season
  • Pray for the lost continually –  they just have an Evangelistic heart that always comes through in Prayer
  • A deep burden for our government and our political representatives – they know all their names and the various bills coming up

As you read the list, you are probably recognising yourself and people you know, and you might recognise that someone you know is a combination of many types.

*So in getting started then just spend (4 MINUTES IN PRAYER FOR WHAT IS ON YOUR HEART AND MIND RIGHT NOW)

This will help you and ‘us’ to really know and see what is IN THE BODY of the Church.

You are important
Your life is important to God and us
Get started your prayer will make a difference – 
especially in the Days we are in (every LITTLE bit counts just like the widow in Mark 12:42-44)


The Scriptures give you guidelines, and The Holy Spirit brings to your attention requests, needs, situations etc.

That are of importance to you at this season and need your PRAYERS.

Make me know Your Ways, O Lord; teach me Your Paths. Lead me in Your Truth and teach me, for You are The God of my salvation’ for You I wait ALL DAY. Psalm 25:4-5

Psalm 25:14 The LORD confides in those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them.


  • Lord, what do You want me to Pray for regarding this person, situation or need before me today?
  • What is on your heart today that is ‘Pressing you continually while you are going about life’s daily events’?
  • In this area of ‘Pressing’, let it be something that you know is continually there and will not leave your attention?
  • Now Lord, how do YOU want me to PRAY, INTERCEDE, or RESPOND to this which is before me today?

This of course brings up the matter of ‘how do I know this is The Lord’? (This we will look at more closely when we study ‘Hearing God’s voice’)

Let us lay out a brief outline for a call to Prayer that will get us STARTED: –

  1. The Holy Spirit brings mind a face, a name, a family, a church situation, a nation, or a particular event that has happened that is continually before you.
  2. The Lord places a practical need upon your heart; perhaps you have heard it mentioned several times in the past and your attention has been continually drawn to this matter. (then it is obvious that The Lord is ‘putting the matter on your heart’. Because you are the one He has ‘chosen to bring this in Prayer before HIM’ –  my advice at times like these is not to question The Lord about why ME?
  3. Something you have witnessed –  such as a person you may have heard of who is ill, and yet you do not know them personally but are acquainted with their family or friends.-  this is always a good way to ‘get started’, because you are not immediately involved with the situation.

Don’t be surprised if you begin to feel ‘ A Spiritual Awareness’ of God’s Presence in your life at this time, such as (weeping, a groaning in your inner person or even some other manifestations which you have not been aware of before. ( more on this teaching when looking at ‘Hearing from God

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